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Welcome to the website of NSim, Maritime Simulation Technologies. NSim is a new company which develops software for merchant and inland shipping.

The most important item on the agenda of shipping of today, is safety. Every ship and every company must comply with the stated criteria from the organisations and insurance companies. Nowadays more computers will be used to comply to these criteria faster and more easily. NSim is a young and dynamic company and provides software to also comply to your wishes.

Besides software, NSim is also specialised in developing and maintaining (automated) websits. You can view several projects in our portfolio.

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking on the 'contact' button in the navigation bar.

{ CMS (Content Management System)  
Several websites created by NSim are now already running on the CMS. The CMS makes it easy for owners of websites to maintain their website without any knowledge of HTML or other scripting.

Click here for more information about the CMS or contact us.


{ StabSim
Safety is the top priority on board a ship. Cargo matters and stability are amongst the items on the safety list. A wrong chosen planning of cargo or too low/too high stability are dangerous to the ship and - most important - the people on board.

Stability and stress programs are often very expensive and some companies don't require them. Simple calculations by hand will do, as they say. Therefore, NSim is developing a payable stability and stress program, which also can be used for planning.

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