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{ StabSim
StabSim is a stability-, stress and loadingprogram for container- shipping. The programma can be used for any kind and size of ship.

The program is mainly developed for the end-user, in this case the ship. The crew normally receives a bayplan which can be read by the program. The program loads the data and the bayplan is built. All information of the containers can be requested in due course.

Numerous functions are available, mainly because the program is developed for one ship. The main program remains the same, but for every ship a different program is written and tested to the standards.

These functions are amongst the wide range of possibilities:


Loading of bayplans (EDI- and BAPLIE files can be read, but other types of files are possible too)



Containers can easily be recognized by colour and shape, searching for containers is very easy


Advanced planning is one of the numerous extra options


Stability and strength data is easy to access


Deadload can be calculated by means of comparing the real draughts with the calculated draughts


The program environment is easy to use for everyone


The program is custom made: hydrostatic particulars do not need to be digital


Conditions can be stored for life and they can easily be found or recovered


And numerous other functions

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